Meditation Teacher

Jodi is certified as a Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor through McLean Meditation Institute and is the owner and founder of Big Heart Meditation and Mindfulness, LLC.  In 2021, Jodi left her corporate job of managing a law firm of 21 years to dive into guiding others through teaching meditation and mindfulness. Jodi has been described as a leader with a big heart who lives in her integrity and always finds ways to help others rise. Compassion, love, and kindness have been instrumental keys in Jodi’s success and with her new meditation and mindfulness certification, she is creating a ripple of peace in the Midwest.  Jodi has guided college students on a weekly basis with in-person guided meditation for three semesters. She has also led several SEED (Simple, Easy, Every Day) Meditation Courses to the faculty and staff at the collegiate level as well as meditated with hundreds of college students at the same time during the Freshman Seminar Series.  In athletics, Jodi is merging her collegiate coaching experience of 12 years along with her meditation and mindfulness and works with several college teams on the mental part of their performance/game. This includes weekly recordings and group sessions with each team.  One of Jodi’s passions is going into the youth school systems and working with teachers and students and talking about stress, how it affects our minds and bodies, and ways to alleviate it through meditation/mindfulness. AND Jodi has joined the Vella team and is offering in-person meditations!
  1. What is your favorite yoga pose & why? Child’s pose because I go to
    it often and Warrior 1 pose because it helps me build focus, power
    and stability.
    2. What is your favorite food/meal? My favorite food is an apple and I
    have one almost every single day!
    3. What do you like to do when you have an hour of free time? When I
    get a moment of free time I usually put on some good music and
    make a list….I know, not too exciting but it helps me prepare!
    4. What is your guilty pleasure? I love anything salty!
    5. What is the best book you’ve read & why do you love it? Wishes
    Fulfilled by Dr. Wayne Dyer- he words pierced my heart and helped
    course correct my life’s direction. Second book is Soul-Centered by
    Sarah McLean- her experience and wisdom about meditation are
    amazing and led me to a consistent meditation practice. I felt like she
    became a friend of mine while reading it. The cool thing is, she is now
    a friend of mine!
    6. What is your favorite season & why? Summer….I love warmth and
    7. Why do you/should you meditate? I feel as if meditation is like a
    golden key to life….if you practice it you will open doors that you
    never knew existed. It allows you to see things from a different
    perspective. At first taking a pause can be challenging because there
    is so much to do. We are busy people!! The idea of sitting and “doing
    nothing” can be tough for some. However, there’s power in the
    pause. It’s the beautiful space between your thoughts and youractions. Sitting and meditating allows one to become less reactive
    and more engaged in the present moment.
    8. What is your “story” about why you teach/What makes you
    passionate about teaching? I teach only because I know how much
    my life changed by incorporating a daily meditation practice. I am
    more compassionate and empathetic. I now listen to understand
    instead of to reply. I take time to just breathe and connect with my
    heart. I am a better wife, mother, coach, friend and
    colleague because of my meditation practice and I could not imagine
    my life without it!
    9. What is one thing you want students to know about your
    teaching style? I am passionate about what I do and love
    incorporating music at the end of most guided meditations.
    10. Do you have a favorite yoga mat or meditation cushion? no