There is a place for everyone at Vella. Stephanie makes sure of it 😊. She makes a point to help everyone feel seen and welcomed. I highly recommend classes as well as private sessions. For private sessions, she creates new plans each month for my individual needs.
Angi Greeno Avatar
Angi Greeno
I really want to say thank you so much for the great restoration you have done in my life, now I’m completely healed and healthy free from Herpes hives by using Dr Oso natural healing remedies, thank Dr for all. Please help me thank>>

Thank dr 👨‍⚕️
Adetutu Akinkuade Avatar
Adetutu Akinkuade
The studio is gorgeous! The teachers are knowledgeable and helpful. ❤️
Gretchen Ann Avatar
Gretchen Ann
The beginner yoga 3 week course is the perfect introduction to yoga. After not practicing for a few years, it served as a very gentle reminder for myself of some of the most important poses and how good yoga is for my body and mind. I’m looking forward to taking more classes at Vella!
Leigh Breure Lukesh Avatar
Leigh Breure Lukesh
I love the classes! Starting out with some insightfulness for your mind and then the amazing movements for your body pulls it all in together 😊
Morgan Reilly Avatar
Morgan Reilly
Vella promotes conscientious, individualized yoga that serves the needs of beginners and veterans alike. Mindful, heart-opening, rewarding.
Kim S. Ketelsen Avatar
Kim S. Ketelsen
I did the 3 week beginner class with my sister and it was amazing! I’ve already taken a couple classes with different “teachers” and they’re all great. The environment is so relaxing and it’s too cute!
Kallie Ruhl Avatar
Kallie Ruhl
Just took my second class of a 3-class beginner’s series, and I love it! The studio is beautiful and Stephanie is an amazing teacher. My friend and I were just saying how glad we are that we’ve started this journey together at Vella🥰
Paula Boyer Avatar
Paula Boyer
beautiful space with great energy. baby yoga classes were welcoming and fun for littles and their adults!
Kristi Cooper Avatar
Kristi Cooper
Very welcoming and friendly teachers. They understand students are at different levels and remind us to work at our own pace and not to compare to others in class.
Michele Barrow Avatar
Michele Barrow
Beautiful space and Amazing instructor's !
Kristi Grimm Avatar
Kristi Grimm
I always leave classes at Vella feeling so encouraged and renewed. Stephanie is so inspiring, not only about the practice but about life in general. I always feel pushed just slightly beyond my limits, but her words make me feel that she believes in me so I can believe in myself. This studio is definitely a bright spot!
Lindsy Trotter Avatar
Lindsy Trotter
FIRST yoga class in the book. It is challenging and invigorating. Feel like I’m taking care of my body and feeding my soul. Thank you Stephanie are a wonderful instructor.
Mary Quaas Moore Avatar
Mary Quaas Moore
Such a beautiful place to practice yoga & meditation���
Very welcoming & peaceful in every aspect.
Dusty Swehla Avatar
Dusty Swehla
I truly cannot say enough about Cassie and Stephanie. I love their hearts and mission at Vella. I appreciate the instruction and growth I am experiencing. If you are new to yoga or seasoned, I highly recommend checking out a class!
Erica Dickerson Avatar
Erica Dickerson
Went to Vella today for my first Holy Yoga class here and it was delightful! The ladies/studio are both warm and welcoming making this a great experience for a Sunday afternoon to spend time with God on my mat! I would definitely recommend joining a class �
Diane Pansegrau Avatar
Diane Pansegrau
Loved Holy Yoga this morning Stephanie. Thank you!
Shelley Schroeder Evans Avatar
Shelley Schroeder Evans
We just completed the beginner series and are hooked. Can't wait to practice more at Vella. Stephanie is truly a gifted instructor.
Lisa Gullion Lowen Avatar
Lisa Gullion Lowen
We attended our first class recently and absolutely loved it. Cassie did a great job leading everyone. We will be back!
Jennifer Gilbert Avatar
Jennifer Gilbert
What a gem of a studio! Stephanie's class are very thoughtful and versatile. I always leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and renewed! Thankful Marion has Vella!
Stephanie Gray Avatar
Stephanie Gray
Can’t wait to begin my new year with these classes! I’ve only had Stephanie as an instructor and she is AMAZING. Looking forward to going on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10:15!!!!
Lenchen Raeside Avatar
Lenchen Raeside
I went to the beginner class and I really loved it. While it was a workout, I also was very relaxed in the end. Definitely recommend!
KaLynn Kula Avatar
KaLynn Kula
I got to experience a rooftop class and it was wonderful! I look forward to my next class
Chelsee Danae Avatar
Chelsee Danae
Just attended my first class at Vella! Loved everything from the instructor to the atmosphere ! Great experience and I'm excited to attend regularly!
Sharaya Peck Avatar
Sharaya Peck
This class, instructors, and atmosphere is amazing
Kristie Grimm Clark Avatar
Kristie Grimm Clark
My experience - it was a dream I never knew I had! Beautiful guidance, sky/view, breeze and healing oil/scents - I truely loved it! Thank you ladies!
Julie Bowen Frank Avatar
Julie Bowen Frank