Are You New To Yoga?

Thank you for trusting Vella Yoga with your yoga practice. We believe yoga is for EVERYBODY. If you have a body, you have a yoga body!

We want to provide you with a few tips to help you have a great yoga experience!

  • Wear comfortable clothes. No, you don’t have to wear Lululemon or spandex. Just dress for your comfort level. You’ll need to be able to move freely

  • Shoes off at the door, our studio is a clean tranquil space. We recommend practicing barefoot as well for better grip and grounding with your feet.

  • Please turn your cell phone off before entering studio

  • We encourage you to ask questions…About anything. You’ll learn more and receive more from your practice. We are a family here and everyone is respected and supported.

  • Try new postures, explore movement and breath but ALWAYS listen to your body. This is your practice.

  • Be sure to speak with an instructor prior to class if you have any injuries, medical conditions or health concerns. This way they may safely guide you through the practice.



Are you or someone you know new(er) to yoga?

Would you like to build on your practice to feel comfortable attending a “regular” class? Have you attended another “beginner yoga class” and feel like you need a little more?? If so, we have a series for you!

This series is 3 consecutive classes. If you’ve never done yoga before or feel intimidated by starting in a class of all levels, this is the perfect way to get comfortable with the poses.

These classes are designed to cover all the major yoga poses, so that by the end of the series, a student will feel comfortable and confident taking ANY of our classes at Vella Yoga. 

The series is intended to take all classes in a row. However, if you miss one of the weeks, you can make up that class anytime during the next month. 

Watch for upcoming new offerings!

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